Our Research (v2)

The work from Absolute Strategy is structured to provide clear, actionable investment ideas that cover the four key macro pillars of:

  • Strategic Asset Allocation

  • Investment Strategy

  • Economics

  • and Multi-Asset Strategy.


An analysis of the key drivers of asset allocation across all asset classes, with ASR’s asset recommendations for a time horizon of 12 months and beyond.


We also produce a structural view for those investors with a longer investment time horizon.


ASR’s five-factor framework comprised of macro, earnings, valuation, liquidity and sentiment is used to assess global equity markets and provide recommendations by region and sector.


Within our Investment Strategy product, we also conduct Quantitative Strategy, which includes factor and style analysis, tax analysis and proprietary dividend models.


Detailed analyses of the macro landscape with a focus on the economic and political issues that matter for investors. Using ASR’s proprietary economic toolkit, our Economics team seek to understand the drivers of the global economy and identify the trends that will have real market impact.


Our Week-Ahead document highlights the key dates and charts that investors should be aware of.


A top-down tactical approach to assessing the key themes for multi-asset investors with a specific emphasis on cross-asset investment recommendations. We also publish:

  • Technicals Essentials: A weekly analysis of sentiment, risk and positioning across asset classes.

  • Trade Alerts: published on an ad-hoc basis, as opportunities are identified.


Longer-term risks, trends and topics to consider for strategic planning and investment

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