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ASR’s Internship program with University of Bath

Ella Rathgeber

18th JUL. 2023

ASR has had a really positive experience of working with the University of Bath Economics department professional placement program. The economics course equips students with a strong background of the concepts they confront in their day-to-day economic and market analysis.

Each of our interns has ended their time at ASR with a deep expertise and knowledge of the areas that they have been working in. Indeed, the most enjoyable aspect of working with our placement students has been seeing their growth from novice to expert throughout the year. The unique advantage of our interns being part of a smaller research business is that they can see their work being used on a daily basis by the whole research team. Additionally, their contributions are regularly presented to some ofthe world’s leading investors.

We would like to thank Matthew Dishman, Matt Cocker and Joe Watson for their significant contributions during their time at ASR. Matthew made outstanding achievements while collaborating with our Research team: he played a pivotal part in designing and building the new ‘ASR Global House Price Index’, which he presented to economists from the Dallas Fed. Matt and Joe provided valuable support in assisting ASR’s newly formed Climate Macro Strategy team. Matt played a key role in the development of the ‘ASR Physical and Transitional Risk scorecards’, which serves as a highly useful metric of sovereign climate risk for bond holders. Meanwhile, Joe was instrumental in building the Kaya database, which contains comprehensive information on 68 countries, covering various energy types and emission sources.

We extend a warm welcome to Nittish Narayanamoorthy, Sam Tattam and Ella Rathgeber – the new interns of 2023 at ASR. Nittish and Sam will be joining ASR’s Research team, where they will engage in in-depth analysis of various economic factors and utilize data to develop valuable insights and recommendations. Ella will be working on ASR’s new Research Marketing Project, expanding ASR’s coverage across multi-media platforms and raising our online profile and brand awareness.

Since ASR started in 2006, we have been committed to helping young people find their place in the economic research and finance community.  This has taken many forms, from running ‘Introduction to the City’ courses for sixth-formers, to helping teams prepare for the Bank of England ‘Target 2.0’ economics competition. ASR has also provided short term work experience, and longer-term internships for a number of young people, in one case supporting an outstanding candidate through their masters course, before welcoming them back to work full-time at ASR. Some of those students have gone on to work for major financial institutions, Central Banks and moved into policy roles. The UoB scheme provides a structured way for ASR to expand this commitment to helping young people explore their interest in economics and finance.

“It has been a pleasure to have the energy and enthusiasm that the students bring to ASR in the office every day and we are delighted to be able continue our partnership with the Bath programme”

~ Ian Harnett, Co-founder

“My experience with ASR has been fantastic. The open-plan setting fosters an extraordinary learning environment that encourages communication and collaboration with colleagues and management, which enables continuous growth and development.”

~ Nittish Narayanamoorthy

“I am excited for the opportunity to expand my understanding of financial strategy and to acquire the essential skills necessary to thrive in the financial sector. Being part of ASR will offer me valuable exposure to the intricacies of financial markets, enhancing my expertise in this field.”

~ Sam Tattam

“ASR's warm and supportive nature has made me feel incredibly welcome, providing a comfortable environment to maximize my experience here. It is invaluable being surrounded by industry experts, and I look forward to learning from their wealth of knowledge.”

~ Ella Rathgeber

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