ASR WSJ Newsflow

ASR/WSJ Newsflow: Composite Newsflow up to 62.6 in June

• The ASR/WSJ Global Composite Newsflow Indicator (CNI) of macro activity rose in June to 62.6, from 62.3 in May. However most of the individual components declined, with the main driver to the upside being a big increase in the Inflation component.

• At the regional level the Chinese Economic component fell from 58.1 to 45.8. A significant decline and down from 75.4 in January. This chart is not included in the regular Newsflow report. If you would like to see it please email us here.

• Conclusion: The Global Composite Newsflow was buoyed by a particularly strong Inflation Newsflow reading this month. However we are seeing weakness in the other components start to come through, suggesting that resilience may not last very much longer.


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