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ASR’s Proprietary Survey of US Household Finances

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About this survey 
This is the twelfth in a series of proprietary surveys commissioned by Absolute Strategy Research to provide insights into U.S. consumer finances. First launched in June 2009 and conducted biannually, each survey analyzes the responses from 1,000 Americans of working age. The questions explore respondents’ financial security; their saving, borrowing and access to credit; and their views on housing and retirement. The questionnaire goes beyond a typical “consumer confidence” survey because it attempts to explore the motivations behind and the perceptions of saving and borrowing decisions. We hope it complements the less-timely household balance-sheet data found in the U.S. National Accounts.

Fieldwork for this survey was conducted from January 22nd - January 30th, 2015.

About the authors

Sarah Franks  
Sarah is employed by Absolute Strategy Research Services Inc. (ASRS), our US subsidiary. Sarah works with the London-based strategy team to source and analyse U.S. financial and economic data which contributes to ASR’s overall understanding of the macroeconomic environment. Sarah previously worked as an investment analyst in both the London and New York offices of Merrill Lynch, where she helped develop the Merrill Lynch Fund Managers Survey. Prior to her career in finance, she worked for an international development organization.

David Bowers 
David is a managing director and co-founder of ASR who has more than 20 years of experience in investment research. His focus at ASR is the global economic and market outlook as well as thematic analysis. He was previously chief Global Investment Strategist for Merrill Lynch where he worked for 11 years. Prior to joining Merrill Lynch he was chief European Equity Strategist at Smith New Court. He has been ranked the top European Equity Strategist in the Extel survey, and in the top three in the Institutional Investor survey.


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