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ASR Equity Strategy

In this week's Equity Strategy document, David Bowers and Ian Harnett talk about 12 Key Equity Controversies for 2021. 

Amongst the analyses, they discuss the idea of if we are heralding a 'New Economic Cycle', whether we are seeing a 'Regime Shift', and also whether Chinese Policy has now overtaken that of the US - in its importance in driving Global Equity performance. 

With an eye on regional allocation, the conversation then moves to whether the Eurozone is a tactical play, or if a strategic case for the region can be built, along with whether it's too early to rotate into EM, and whether the UK represents real value or a value trap. Inflation risk and volatility have been topics of conversation for many investors, and Ian and David give their views on this, along with discussions on Valuations, Earnings, Liquidity and Sentiment. 

ASR Equity Strategy
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