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Up-and-Coming Client Events

Absolute Connect Webinar - 
Multi-Asset Themes & Trades for 2021

Friday 15th January 


3:00pm GMT, 10:00am EDT, 4:00pm CEST.

In this “Absolute Connect” webinar, Chris Turner (Head of Multi-Asset Strategy)  and Stefano DiDomizio (Head of Fixed-Income Strategy) will take 20-25 minutes to discuss ASR’s Multi Asset Themes and Trade ideas for 2021.

Absolute Connect Webinar -Why the CDU Leadership Outcome is Critical for Germany's Election in September

Monday 18th January 


3:00pm GMT, 10:00am EDT, 4:00pm CEST.

We are delighted to invite you to an Absolute Connect Webinar Event which will feature ASR’s German Political Consultant, Heinz Schulte discussing ‘Why the CDU Leadership Outcome is Critical for Germany's Election in September’ on Monday 18th January.

Previous Client Events

Absolute Connect Webinar - Economics
5 ways Covid-19 has changed the world

6th November 2020

In this “Absolute Connect” webinar, Dominic White, ASR's Chief Economist, and his team will discuss the profound, lasting impact the pandemic will have on how the global economy behaves, focussing on 5 key changes that have already taken place.

Absolute Connect Webinar - Technical Strategy
How are markets positioned heading into the US Election?

30th October 2020

In this “Absolute Connect” webinar, David McBain reviews the technicals and sentiment profile of markets ahead of US Election week, highlighting underlying tension in equities versus bonds and the important interplay between bonds, FX and industrial commodities.

Absolute Connect Webinar - Key Questions on the US Election

23rd  October 2020

In this “Absolute Connect” webinar, Richard Mylles, ASR's Political Analyst, will take 20-25 minutes to discuss in more detail key issues within the 20 key questions from his top down analysis of the forthcoming US election.

Absolute Connect Webinar - 10 Toughest Strategy Questions

16th  October 2020

In this “Absolute Connect” webinar, Ian Harnett, ASR's Chief Investment Strategist, will take 20-25 minutes to answer to the 10 toughest questions that clients posed to David and Ian during their recent meetings where they spoke with over 100 global investors based in the UK, Europe, the US, Asia & Australasia. 

Absolute Connect Webinar - The End of the Buyback?

9th October 2020

In this “Absolute Connect” webinar, ASR's Head of Quant Strategy, Charles Cara, will take 20-25 minutes to discuss the outlook for Buybacks which were cut by 50% in Q2, and the impact this might have on the market.

Absolute Connect Webinar - What's China's Plan?

2nd October 2020

In this “Absolute Connect” webinar, ASR's Emerging Markets Economist, Adam Wolfe, gives an update on China ahead of the Communist Party’s Plenum that kicks off October 26, where the top leaders will sign off on the next Five-year plan.

Adam talks in detail on his recent China's dual circulation strategy note and where the economy is headed.

Absolute Exchange Webinar -
What Joe Biden's Presidency could mean for investors

13th January 2021

This “Absolute Exchange” webinar will feature US political risk specialist and former member of the Obama administration Kim Wallace being interviewed by ASR's Political Analyst Richard Mylles. 

Absolute Connect Webinar - The Alternative Year Ahead

18th December 2020

In this “Absolute Connect” webinar, ASR Chief Economist Dominic White & the Economics team will discuss the alternative scenarios to our central view for the coming year and where we could be challenged in 2021!

Absolute Connect Webinar -

Q4 2020 Asset Allocation Survey Results

11th December 2020

In this “Absolute Connect” webinar, Head of Research David Bowers & Head of Quant Strategy Charles Cara will discuss the results of ASR's latest Asset-Allocation Survey. The quarterly Survey (now in its seventh year) explores how over 200 global CIOs, Asset Allocators, and Multi-Asset Strategists view the prospects for financial markets over the next 12 months. 

Absolute Connect Webinar - Equity Strategy in Focus

4th December 2020

In this “Absolute Connect” webinar, Ian Harnett, ASR's co-founder and Chief Investment Strategist, will discuss some of the key ‘controversies’ facing Equity investors in 2021 and explore how our economic outlook resolves some of those questions. This webinar will also discuss the new ASR Sector and Regional Equity allocations that will be published the day before (Thursday 3rd).

Absolute Connect Webinar - Economics
China 2035: Xi’s growth gambit

27th November 2020

In this “Absolute Connect” webinar, Adam Wolfe, ASR's Emerging Markets Economist, will discuss China’s new Economic plan which aims to double GDP by 2035 and the challenges this plan might face.

Absolute Connect Webinar - Asset Allocation
Challenges to Asset Allocation from rising bond yields
and low credit spreads

20th November 2020

In this “Absolute Connect” webinar, hosted by ASR's Asset Allocation Strategist, Jonathon Griggs & Head of Multi-Asset Strategy, Chris Turner will discuss current ASR Asset Allocation views and the challenges that rising bond yields could pose to these.

Absolute Connect Webinar - Investment Strategy
Strategy Impact of the Vaccine White Swan

13th November 2020

ASR's Co-Founders Ian Harnett & David Bowers discuss the ‘Vaccine White Swan’ - how this can drive market volatility, the rotation out of US Tech towards Eurozone Value and why the recent moves fit our ‘regime change’ model.

Absolute Exchange Webinar - with Ludovic Phalippou

30th  September 2020

In this Absolute Exchange, Ludovic Phalippou, Professor of Financial Economics at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, will lead a discussion on private equity, ‘Does private equity offer superior returns’, and at what cost?’’

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