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At Absolute Strategy Research we believe in giving our clients exclusive access to industry experts covering a wide-range of themes. Absolute Exchange and Absolute Connect Webinars are presented weekly.


If an Absolute Exchange Event is of interest, or you'd like access to a recording of a past event, please register your interest by filling in the form below.

Taking Notes

Next Event - Equity Strategy Focus
Staying Defensive Amid The Regime Shift 

Friday 26th May


3:00pm BST
10:00am EDT
4:00pm CEST

In this “Absolute Connect” webinar, ASR's Head of Equity Strategy, Nick Nelson discusses the regime shift that has happened behind the scenes since April despite the benign Equity markets and why we remain Defensive.

Recent Events


Real Assets Focus

5th May 2023

ASR's Asset Allocation & Real Assets Strategist, Zahra Ward-Murphy discusses the outlook for Commercial Real Estate and REITs, which was the focus of our latest Real Asset Strategist. 

31st  Mar 2023   David Bowers & Charles Cara

ASR Asset Allocation Survey - Q1 2023

17th Mar 2023  Ian Harnett

Asset Allocation Update Focus 


17th Feb 2023   David Bowers

Funky Correlations and Missing Links

20th Jan 2023   Zahra Ward-Murphy

Real Asset Focus - Oil Change!


Quant & Equity Factor Strategy Focus

12th May 2023

ASR's Quant Strategist, Charles Cara looks at the Low Volatility and Quality factors in a world where monetary policy is tight and bank deposits are falling, and the outlook for Growth and Value factors and whether Size can recover.

14th Apr 2023  Nick Nelson

What is the Bull Case for Equities?

3rd Mar 2023  Charles Cara

Peak Profits mean Peak Buybacks

24th Feb 2023  Nick Nelson

Regional & Sector Strategy Updates 

27th Jan 2023  Nick Nelson

From P/E Compression to an Earnings Recession

More Equity Strategy Events


Economics Focus - The New Cold War

19th May 2023

ASR's EM Economist, Adam Wolfe discusses why Technology is central to the ‘new cold war’ between the US & China and the resulting threat to globalization. 

21st Apr 2023 Dominic White

Economics Focus: The Money Growth Horror Show


10th Mar 2023 Global Economics Team

Global Economics Focus: Downturns Deferred

3rd Feb 2023 Adam Wolfe & Nick Nelson

Economic & Strategy views for China


13th Jan 2023 Dominic White

Economics Focus: The Year Ahead Redux


10th Feb 2023   Chris Turner & Stefano di Domizio

Themes and Trade Ideas

7th Oct 2022   Chris Turner & Stefano di Domizio

Multi Asset Investing Focus

24th Jun 2022   Chris Turner & Stefano di Domizio

Multi Asset Focus

8th Apr 2022   Chris Turner & Stefano di Domizio

Multi Asset Focus

Fixed-Income Focus

28th April 2023

ASR's Head of Fixed Income, Stefano Di Domizio discusses ASR fixed-income markets strategy & investing ideas amid peaking central bank rates and extreme tight global monetary conditions.


Macro ESG and Climate Change Focus

27th April 2023

ASR’s Macro ESG Strategists, Michael Penn and Michael Hessel, explain how investors can integrate climate change factors into macroeconomics, strategy, and asset allocation and discuss the three great climate transition challenges facing the global economy.

9th Feb 2023  Michael Hessel
Europe's response to the US Inflation Reduction Act

8th Dec 2022 Michael Penn & Michael Hessel

A Disorderly Transition & Long Run Returns

20th Oct 2022 Michael Penn & Michael Hessel

Three Climate Policies for 2023

8th Sep 2022 Michael Penn & Michael Hessel

The Energy Crisis and the Climate Transition

More Macro ESG Events

Absolute Exchange

2nd Mar 2023   Heinz Schulte, German Political Consultant

Strategic Implications for Europe of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

15th Dec 2022   Edward Chancellor
“The Price of Time: The Real Story of Interest”

10th Nov 2022   Toby Nangle, former Head of Asset Allocation at Columbia Threadneedle

The Medium-term Consequences of the UK's Pension Crisis

25th Aug 2022   Heinz Schulte, German Political Consultant

The Prospect of a German Energy Crisis This Winter

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