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Multi-Asset Strategy

We produce actionable investment ideas and strategies to hedge risks.

  • Weekly Essentials highlights tactical opportunities arising from macro/market dislocations and extremes of sentiment.

  • Multi-Asset Rates Strategy focuses on ideas that offer an asymmetric payoff relative to market direction.

What We Offer



Multi-Asset Insight
Our Insight notes provide a concise analysis of
key market topics


Multi-Asset Essentials

A weekly publication combining analysis of sentiment & positioning with an understanding of macro-economic relationships to produce insights and implementable trade ideas across all the major liquid asset classes.


Multi-Asset Rates Strategy

Bi-weekly publication focussing on fixed-income/interest rates strategy and ideas generation, with an emphasis on ideas that offer an asymmetric payoff relative to market direction.

Research Team



Sentiment Barometer Indicators Overview
Our proprietary SBI’s use behavioural biases to create series that have the same dynamics as survey based indices across 1400 assets. Used to flag up when a market is at risk from over-extended optimism or pessimism. They are a timing tool, to be used alongside other strategies, highlighting when it may be worth considering a contrarian trade or adding portfolio protection.


Absolute Connect Webinars
At least once a quarter, our weekly Absolute Connect Webinars will have a Multi-Asset Strategy focus. 


Conferences and Forums
We produce bespoke analysis of investor sentiment and advise on hedging and sizing of positions.

Modern Work Space

Examples of Recent Research

Multi-Asset Essentials

Challenges to Four 2024 Trends

MASSET Essentials.png
  • US equities rally not currently backed by “Golden Surprise” indicator

  • USD & GBP facing different hurdles; BTPs facing consolidation period

Challenges to Four 2024 Trends

Multi-Asset Rates Strategy

Schnabel’s bad idea?

MASSET RatesStrategy.png
  • Schnabel strikes back

  • ECB rates shifting to a higher equilibrium level?

  • Playing the overly tight ECB policy story

What if real ECB rates have risen too far?

Our Team


Chris Turner
Head of Multi-Asset Strategy

  • LinkedIn

Chris Turner heads up Multi Asset Strategy at ASR. He was previously a Director and Head of Strategy at Lombard Street Research. His career experience spans all the major asset classes in both 'sell-side' and 'buy-side' roles. The latter included several years managing global equity and tactical asset allocation portfolios at Merrill Lynch Investment Managers. After gaining a degree in Economics at Cambridge University, he began his career at the Bank of England before moving to the private sector. His first major role was in Tokyo as a Senior Money & Bond Market Economist where his analysis of Bank of Japan policy contributed to rapid growth in BZW's futures business.

_AND7957 F square B+W.jpg

Stefano Di Domizio
Head of Fixed Income Strategy

  • LinkedIn

Stefano Di Domizio was an economist and fixed-income strategist at the research office of the Banca Commerciale Italiana between 1999 and 2004. In 2004 he moved to London, working for four years at JP Morgan as an interest rate derivatives strategist and then three years as Head of Strategy at Pelagus Capital, a fixed-income relative value hedge fund. Since 2015 he has been Head of Fixed Income Strategy at ASR. In 2020 he moved back to Milan, starting the Italian branch of ASR. Stefano holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and a MSc in Economics and Finance (MEFIN), both from Università Cattolica, Milan.

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