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Global Economics

ASR's Global Economics module provides clients with detailed analyses of the macro landscape, covering the global economy, the US, Europe and China. Using ASR’s proprietary economic toolkit, our Economics team seek to understand the drivers of the global economy and identify the trends that will have real market impact.

What We Offer



Economics Insight
A concise analysis of daily events affecting the global economy.


Economics Weekly
An in-depth analysis of the macroeconomic issues that matter most to investors.


Economics Quarterly
A summary of our projections for the global economy for the next two years and the main drivers of those forecasts.


Central Bank Watch

A tight focus on the factors we believe are driving central banks' short-term decisions, primarily covering the Fed, ECB, BoJ and the PBoC.

Business Meeting



Proprietary Business Cycle Toolkit
Includes nowcasts, surprise indicators, leading indices, business cycle indicators, and recession probability models, etc


Micro-to-Macro Datasets
Linking industry-level developments within the global logistics and semiconductors sectors with macroeconomic trends.


Emerging Market Risk Analytics
Screening tools for assessing default and currency risks.



Absolute Connect Webinars
At least once a month, our weekly Absolute Connect Webinars will have an Economics focus. 


Conferences and Forums
We regularly present at both client and society events, giving an independent insight into the global economy

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Research Coverage

Our research notes cover a range of regions, with a primary focus on the UK, Eurozone, US, China and Global economy.


Stronger Growth, Higher Inflation

Global sample Mar24.png
  • Global growth upgraded

  • Turn in the growth-inflation trade-off

  • A cautious easing cycle.

Stickier inflation necessitates more cautious easing cycle


A Dissection of the US Inflation Outlook

US sample Mar24.png
  • Will the recent improvement in US inflation be sustained?

  • Core inflation could stabilise around 2% before rising again later this year

  • Inflation data are unlikely to challenge the Fed's gradualism

Disinflation sweetspot was 2H23; Momentum could turn


A New China Shock to Global Profits

China sample Mar24.png
  • The radical nature of China's new growth strategy.

  • Over the medium term, this strategy is likely to fail.

  • But that failure is not imminent; a new China shock is just starting.

Global consequences of China's new growth model


European Debt Woes: Italy Focus

Europe sample Mar24.png
  • Italy remains the member state most at risk of a disorderly outcome

  • Three key questions for investors with an eye on Italy

  • All of the ingredients for a more problematic scenario are in place

Revisiting our 'Italian debt concerns ignite' scenario

Our Team

Our team has a combined 50 years of experience working for institutions on both the sell side and buy side in London and New York. We work closely with ASR economists and strategists to leverage the best ideas across all disciplines of research.

DW_F17 cropped.jpg

Dominic White
Head of Economics

  • LinkedIn

Dominic White is Head of Economics and Chief Economist at ASR. He has 20 years’ experience, starting his career at the UK Treasury where he contributed to the government's official forecasts for the UK and global economies, and helped to manage the UK government’s input into IMF programs in Latin America. He then worked in the European economics team at the Dutch bank, ABN Amro, covering the UK and eurozone economies. During his time there, the team was number-one rated in Extel for five consecutive years. Before joining ASR, Dominic returned to the Treasury for a year, working in the team that implemented the interventions and reform of British banks following the global financial crisis. He holds a first-class honours degree in Economics from the University of Bristol.

AW F cropped (2)_edited.jpg

Adam Wolfe
Head of Emerging Markets

  • LinkedIn

Adam covers emerging markets and China’s economy for ASR. He has more than 15 years’ experience working on these fields. Adam joined ASR from the Macro Research Board, where he was responsible for driving the firm’s view on the Chinese economy, policy and asset markets. He was also responsible for MRB’s Asia Ex-Japan equity strategy. Prior to joining MRB, Adam was Director of Emerging Asia for Roubini Global Economics where he produced macro forecasts and the corresponding asset class implications. His views have been covered in the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and other outlets. The Oxford Companion to the Economics of China includes a chapter drafted by Adam and Nouriel Roubini on China’s financial sector. Adam was educated at New York University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

BB-F bw square.jpg

Ben Blanchard
European Economist

  • LinkedIn

Ben covers European economics for ASR. He is responsible for formulating our macroeconomic and central bank forecasts for both the eurozone and UK, and publishes regularly to clients within our Economics Weekly, Central Bank Watch, and Absolute Insight products. He previously worked as an economic analyst at Capital Economics before joining ASR in September of 2016. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Bath.

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