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ASR in Bloomberg: ‘China’s Housing Rescue Too Small to End Crisis’

In Bloomberg’s recent piece, Tom Hancock discusses intended funding aimed at vacant properties.


19th MAY. 2024

ASR in Barron’s: ‘How China’s Retirement Crisis Is Contributing to Weak Consumption’

In Barron's recent piece, Tanner Brown discusses the implication of retirees savings being concentrated in risky wealth management products.


18th MAY. 2024

ASR in The Economist: ‘What Xi Jinping gets wrong about China’s economy’

In The Economist’s recent piece, Adam Wolfe from Absolute Strategy Research discusses China’s overcapacity in the property sector and resulting emergence as the world’s biggest exporter of equipment.


09th MAY. 2024

Global House Prices recover as Europe and Asia remain subdued

  • The ASR Global house price index rose 3.2% in the year to March 2024

  • Our US House Price Index is up 6.2% year-on-year

  • We have introduced aggregate ASR EU and Asia Pacific House Price Indices


23rd APR. 2024

ASR in Bloomberg Opinion: Remember ‘There Is No Alternative?’ Now There Is

In Bloomberg Opinion's recent piece, John Authers discusses the difficult juncture for market valuation. Through examples of The US and world economies, he questions if share prices should go up or down.


16th APR. 2024

Nick Nelson in CNBC: ‘US has the macro backdrop and earnings to drive stocks higher’

Nick appeared on CNBC yesterday morning, alongside Stephen Sedgwick, discussing the US equities market.


03rd APR. 2024

Adam Wolfe in The Economist: ‘Europe’s economy is under attack from all sides’

In The Economist's recent News piece, Adam Wolfe highlights the rise in China’s exports, in response to Mr Xi’s desire to increase the country’s independence. He responds to the impact on European firms, and the potential consequences for the European car market.


26th MAR. 2024

ASR in Bloomberg Opinion: ‘Why Stock Market Bears Have Thrown in the Towel’

In Bloomberg's recent News piece, John Authers discusses ASR’s latest Asset Allocators Survey and includes an ASR chart, highlighting the probability of a Global Recession in the Next 12 Months.


28th MAR. 2024

Adam Wolfe in The Financial Times: ‘China has little choice but stimulus’

In The Financial Times recent News piece, Adam Wolfe discusses the manufacturing sector in China. Ethan Wu references Absolute Strategy Research, discussing the manufacture of electric vehicles, oversupply of manufactured goods and deflation.


12th MAR. 2024

Ian Harnett in Bloomberg Opinion: ‘Problem With UK’s New Retirement Plan Is UK Stocks’

In Bloomberg's recent News piece, Ian Harnett discusses the small companies sector. John Authers references Absolute Strategy Research, illustrating three graphs showing the performance of UK vs US Equity Markets, UK Market Cap As a % of Global Equities & UK Small Cap as a % of Total UK All Share Market Cap. 


08th MAR. 2024

US Congress: China’s Economic Policy and its Role in Global Manufacturing

Adam Wolfe appeared before US Congress on Friday, 1st March, 2024. He presented his testimony before the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission.


1st MAR. 2024

Adam Wolfe in The Economist: ‘How Trump and Biden have failed to cut ties with China'

In The Economist's recent News piece, Adam Wolfe discusses China's share of Asian imports to the US. China reports that its exports to America rose by $30bn between 2020 and 2023, whereas America says its Chinese imports fell by $100bn.


27th FEB. 2024

Adam Wolfe in Bloomberg News: ‘China’s Central Bank Tries to Catch Markets off Guard with Surprise Easing’

In Bloomberg’s recent News piece, Adam Wolfe discusses Pan’s unexpected measures including mortgage rate and RRR cuts.


23rd FEB. 2024

Congress Hearing: Adam Wolfe, Consumer Products from China

Adam Wolfe will present to a hearing of the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission of the US Congress on March 1. He’ll be on a panel covering “China’s Economic Policy and its Role in Global Manufacturing.” 


26th FEB. 2024

Ben Blanchard in Bloomberg Opinion: ‘Butterfly or Godzilla? Chaos and the falling yen’

In Bloomberg’s recent Opinion’s piece, John Authers discusses US inflation and the implications if the Bank of Japan were to knock over the carry-trade dominoes set up by Mrs. Watanabe.


15th FEB. 2024

Ian Harnett in Bloomberg Opinion: ‘Investing for Trump 2.0 Is Trickier Than You Think’

In Bloomberg’s recent Opinion’s piece, John Authers discusses the implications a Trump 2.0 candidacy would have on the stock market.


08th FEB. 2024

ASR’s Global Macro NewsFlow Fell for the Third Month Running

  • ASR’s Global Composite Macro NewsFlow Indicator (CNI) fell to 53.2 in January 2024, down more than 5 points in just three months.

  • The CNI now stands at levels that have been critical for asset allocators.

  • The CNI subcomponents also warn of potentially slower top-line growth.


6th FEB. 2024

Global House Prices rose 3.1% in the Year to December 2023

  • Both ASR’s European and Eurozone house price indices are broadly unchanged over the past 12 months.

  • We estimate US house prices rose 6.7% in the year to December.

  • Canadian, Australian, and Danish house prices have risen sharply, recording double-digit annualised rates over the past 6 months.


29th JAN. 2024

Adam Wolfe in the The Wall Street Journal: ‘Deflation Worries Deepen in China’

In The Wall Street Journal’s recent piece, Adam Wolfe discusses the impact of inflation on China’s trade surplus and global frictions.


12th JAN. 2024

ASR in The Independent: ‘London Stock Exchange AIM is a zombie market not fit for purpose’

In The Independent’s recent piece, Chris Blackhurst discusses the performance of the Alternative Investment Markets. Charles Cara of Absolute Strategy Research in London discussed the poor health of the junior AIM market.


16th DEC. 2023

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