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ASR in Bloomberg Opinion: ‘Here’s one time when Europe really may lead’

In Bloomberg’s recent Opinion’s piece, Isabelle Lee discusses Bitcoin’s recent record breaking rally. Ian Harnett, ASR’s Co-founder and Chief Investment Strategist, shares his insight on the topic.


7th DEC. 2023

Nick Nelson on CNBC

This morning, ASR’s Head of Equity Strategy, Nick Nelson, discussed on CNBC the worst performing European sectors and stock performance.


30th NOV. 2023

Ian Harnett in Bloomberg: 'How to invest $10,000 right now'

In Bloomberg’s recent article, Ian Harnett, Chief Investment Strategist at ASR, is one of four experts selected to share insight on where he sees opportunities in today’s volatile market. 


17th NOV. 2023

ASR in Bloomberg Opinion: ‘Not even thinking about thinking about rate cuts’

In Bloomberg’s recent Opinion’s piece, Isabelle Lee discusses how rising yields have been seen as the driver of equities, with both moving in lockstep. Ian Harnett of Absolute Strategy Research in London…


3rd NOV. 2023

ASR in FT Unhedged: ‘The big China tail risk’

In a recent FT Unhedged article, Robert Armstrong and Ethan Wu discuss China’s economy, focusing on how its property sector remains in crisis, but its business cycle seems to have stabilised. 


25th OCT. 2023

ASR on Bloomberg: ‘Investment mistakes to avoid right now’

In a recent Bloomberg article, Ian Harnett, ASR's co-founder and Chief Investment Strategist, is one of four experts sharing insights on ‘popular investment areas today that may be treacherous’.


19th OCT. 2023

Adam Wolfe in The Wall Street Journal

In her recent article, Stella Xie from The Wall Street Journal discusses ‘China’s economy facing deepening troubles in the years ahead’


18th OCT. 2023

Nick Nelson on CNBC

This morning ASR’s Head of Equity Strategy, Nick Nelson, discussed yield and equity strategies with CNBC anchors, Steve Sedgwick and Karen Tso.


12th OCT. 2023

ASR in FT: ‘T-bill and chill’ strategy challenges stock investors

Jennifer Hughes discusses in her recent article for the FT how the rise in bond yields means there are more alternatives to betting on the fortunes of the Magnificent Seven tech giants.


9th OCT. 2023

ASR is named Europe's No.1 Leading Independent Research

We are pleased to announce that ASR has been voted as Europe’s #1 Leading Independent Research Provider for the 10th year running, in the Institutional Investor All Europe Research Awards.


2nd OCT. 2023

ASR in Bloomberg Opinion

Bloomberg’s John Authers discusses the prospect of a US ‘shutdown’ in his recent Opinion’s piece, exploring the extent of which the worsening US financial conditions can be attributed to politicians.


2nd OCT. 2023

Expansion of ASR’s Subscription Sales team

We are excited to announce the expansion of ASR’s Sales Subscription team, in response to the rising demand for our research.


19th SEP. 2023

ASR in FT Unhedged: ‘A whiff of bad inflation news’

In this morning’s FT article, Robert Armstrong and Ethan Wu discuss August’s CPI report, which was ‘just barely bad enough’, and ‘the big bad basis trade’.


14th SEP. 2023

ASR in Bloomberg Opinion: Points of Return

Bloomberg’s John Authers discusses the challenges of calculating the value of the Equity Risk Premium (ERP) in his recent Opinion’s piece.


12th SEP. 2023

Adam Wolfe in FT Unhedged: ‘China isn’t deleveraging yet’

FT’s Ethan Wu continues his discussion about China’s struggling economy, arguing against the notion of a balance sheet recession, but rather suggesting China’s problem appears ‘more like a consumer confidence deficit plus a meltdown specific to property investment’.


30th AUG. 2023

ASR in Barron’s: ‘More trouble for China’

Barron’s recent article talks about China’s ongoing economic challenges. In particular, households’ reluctance to spend, in preference of saving.


29th AUG. 2023

Adam Wolfe in FT Unhedged: China’s confidence deficit

FT’s Ethan Wu discusses China’s troubled economic situation. ASR’s Emerging Markets Economist, Adam Wolfe, shares his expertise on this matter, describing China’s challenge as rooted in insufficient confidence, rather than the increasingly popular narrative of a Japan-style balance sheet recession.


21st AUG. 2023

Michael Penn in Investment Innovation Institute (i3): ‘Climate Change Impact on Investments is Underestimated’

A recent article by i3, an Australian media group focused on the investment industry, explores Steven Keen’s argument of the significant underestimation of climate change impact on global economies. ASR’s Michael Penn provides valuable insights on how investors should incorporate and quantify climate risk.


16th AUG. 2023

Summer Work Experience with ASR

These last three weeks we have welcomed Teia Currimbhoy, studying a BA in History at the University of Oxford, to ASR on a short research project to investigate ‘The changing role and future of ASEAN (Alliance of South EastAsian Nations) in the ‘New Cold War’ between the United States and China’


14th AUG. 2023

ASR in Bloomberg: China’s debt ratio hits record, marking slowdown in borrowing

Bloomberg’s Tom Hancock discusses China’s debt-to-GDP ratio hitting record highs, in which Bloomberg estimates show that total debt rose to 282% of GDP. When discussing China’s risk of a ‘balance sheet recession’, ASR’s Adam Wolfe comments…


28th JUL. 2023

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