Robert Armstrong, FT Unhedged, highlights ASR on Bear Markets

26th JUL. 2022

“ Bear markets don’t end until the Fed has cut rates” – Ian Harnett 

"Lots of people think that the capitulation that matters most is Federal Reserve capitulation…


Bloomberg’s Ye Xie references ASR’s Adam Wolfe on China Stimulus

7th JUL. 2022

In “Xi’s $220 Billion Stimulus Is Less Than Meets Eye”, Adam notes that pulling forward next year’s budget means China faces a fiscal cliff in 2023. “This is more can-kicking than real stimulus”


Bloomberg’s John Authers on the ASR Asset Allocation Survey

5th JUL. 2022

ASR’s latest survey of international money managers shows that “TINA,” the idea that There Is No Alternative to stocks, is more or less at an end.


John Authers / Bloomberg Opinion

29th JUN. 2022

John Authers draws on ASR concerns about Non-bank financials.

"Disquiet Over the Housing Market Is Only Growing."


Adam Wolfe on Bloomberg: Calls Emerge for PBOC to Drop ‘Helicopter Money’

19th MAY. 2022

ASR’s China EM Economist Adam Wolfe commented on digital yuan in conversation with Bloomberg’s Ye Xie: “The PBOC could “drop” money into people’s digital wallets…” 


ASR in FT Unhedged: why small caps suffer margin contraction first

12th MAY 2022

In a discussion on margins with Robert Armstrong of FT Unhedged, Ian Harnett noted reasons why smaller companies generally suffer margin contraction first.


Bloomberg's John Authers / ASR on implications of UK labour shortages

12th MAY 2022

John Authers notes, “There’s a good argument that Brexit directly stoked the inflationary pressure that is now afflicting the British economy. Ian Harnett points out  . . .


Peter Bradshaw joins ASR Sales

12th MAY. 2022

We are delighted to announce that Peter Bradshaw has joined ASR to work as part of our highly-ranked Macro specialist sales team. 


Ian Harnett / Bloomberg: “What’s below 4000 for the S&P 500?”

9th MAY 2022

At Bloomberg NY, Ian Harnett discusses where next for Equities, Bonds, Cash, Commodities, Dollar. 

At 16% below peak, is it time to buy Equities again? 


Institutional Investor names ASR as the
No. 1 Independent Research Provider.

11th OCT. 2021

II’s article “What sets Europe’s Best Independent Research Providers Apart” identifies the top IRPs and discusses the unique role that they play in helping investors understand markets.


ASR and Why Opec Matters in FT Unhedged

1st JUL. 2021

Ian Harnett and an ASR chart feature in Robert Armstrong’s column ahead of today’s Opec meeting: ASR analyses oil price increases and US growth slowdowns.


ASR charts the focus in Bloomberg Opinion / John Authers

28th JUN. 2021

The lesson of 2011: Equities can gain even if P/E multiples retreat in H2


A capital expenditure boom could help restore economic health

24th JUN. 2021

The Times features ASR on Cap Ex: “ (4) good reasons to believe the post-pandemic economy will be different from the “capital-light” world that came before” 


What Investors Can Learn From the History of Inflation

22nd JUN. 2021

The WSJ uses ASR charts to illustrate how inflation can dominate stock market returns: should investors anticipate a reprise of the 1950’s or the 1970’s? 


John Authers / Bloomberg cites ASR’s Asset Allocation Survey

21st JUN. 2021

In his column, John Authers notes that “Exuberance Was Fading Before the Fed Hawks Arrived” - this was already evident in the ASR Asset Allocation Survey. 


China’s Growth decouples from Credit, with Global Implications

18th JUN. 2021

Adam Wolfe contributed to the Bloomberg overview of China, noting with regard to real estate investment, “The link between credit growth and housing starts had already broken


ASR on the Dollar and regime change: FT Unhedged

15th JUN. 2021

Ian highlights to the FT’s Robert Armstrong how the relationship between USD and PE multiples has been less stable than suggested (not just in the 1980s - but also in the post GFC world).  


The coming regime shift towards capital-heavy companies

15th JUN. 2021

‘Capital light’ business models have dominated in recent years, but ‘capital heavy’ businesses should gain in the new regime, driven by short-run capacity and 4 longer-run structural themes 


ASR on Bloomberg: “Inflation Dart” or “Inflation Concorde”

11th JUN. 2021

Whether “Inflation Dart” or “Inflation Concorde”, the Shiller P/E is at the historically extreme level of 37. Such valuations have only ever been achieved when inflation is positive and very low.


America 2021, Japan 1987: Ian Harnett in FT Unhedged

9th JUN. 2021

Is the current US stock market analogous to the Japanese market in 1987? 

Ian Harnett and ASR charts make the case to Robert Armstrong.