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Ian Harnett in Bloomberg Opinion: ‘Investing for Trump 2.0 Is Trickier Than You Think’

08th FEB. 2024

In Bloomberg’s recent Opinion’s piece, John Authers discusses the implications a Trump 2.0 candidacy would have on the stock market.

• Attempts to pick “red” and “blue” stocks and sectors would be very unwise.

• De-globalization, tariffs and a weaker dollar are likely after a Trump victory.

• The critical post-election question: Would Trump go through with attacks on main economic institutions?

Ian Harnett from Absolute Strategy Research argues as follows:

"I would’ve thought that whoever he appoints as Treasury secretary would advise very strongly against playing fast and loose with the world’s reserve currency that allows the US to borrow more cheaply in the global markets. If you lose that confidence in the underlying institutions of the United States because of political interference in the Federal Reserve, then there would be a high price to pay for that. I doubt that President Trump will do that; I think he might surprise people by a fairly conventional choice."

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