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ASR’s Global Macro NewsFlow Fell for the Third Month Running

6th FEB. 2024

  • ASR’s Global Composite Macro NewsFlow Indicator (CNI) fell to 53.2 in January 2024, down more than 5 points in just three months.

  • The CNI now stands at levels that have been critical for asset allocators.

  • The CNI subcomponents also warn of potentially slower top-line growth.

We have just published the ASR Global Macro NewsFlow Indicators for January 2024. The latest month saw another setback for our indicator which has fallen more than 5 points from the three months’ ago. Moreover, the weakness of the Revenues NewsFlow subcomponent also suggests downside risks to Global nominal GDP and US corporate revenue growth. 

These proprietary indicators of the Global Business Cycle are calculated every month by searching the Dow Jones Factiva news database for positive and negative news stories around six key macro topics: the economy, corporate earnings, revenues, labour market, inflation, and monetary policy. 

To view the full press release, please see HERE

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