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Ian Harnett featured in FT

27th JAN. 2021

The FT’s Katie Martin features ASR co-founder Ian Harnett in a piece on the prospect of a market ‘bubble’. 

Ian Harnett weighs in on whether he thinks the stock market is in a bubble. Hint... he does. More specifically, Ian contends we are in a bubble for US Growth Equities in a similar historical context to the ‘boom and bust’ that marked the Japanese stock market in the 1980s. Commonalities include low interest rates, rich valuations, and rapid price movements to the upside. The piece includes quotes from PineBridge’s Michael Kelly, Unigestion’s Salman Baig, and Morgan Stanley’s Andrew Sheets, among others. This follows a note from Ian on the 14th of January, in which he lays out in detail why we are in a bubble, why it may have already burst, but what can (misguidedly) perpetuate it. 

Click HERE to read the full article. 

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