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ASR on Bloomberg: ‘Investment mistakes to avoid right now’

19th OCT. 2023

In a recent Bloomberg article, Ian Harnett, ASR's co-founder and Chief Investment Strategist, is one of four experts sharing insights on ‘popular investment areas today that may be treacherous’.

“One lesson from the tech bubble was that even though there was a strong structural narrative, if the companies that you are selling your products to are cyclical, and sales slow, that will limit your ability to sell your products, challenging your valuations and share price. Where not to invest? In areas where valuations have become unsustainable, because, in the end valuations always matter – no matter how strong the underlying structural story might be.”

· To read Bloomberg’s article in full, please see HERE(subscription is required)

· ASR clients can read Ian’s related work on: Why valuations still matter for investors

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