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Absolute Strategy Research

Challenging the Consensus

Leading, Independent Research

Absolute Strategy Research is an independent research house, covering global markets and a comprehensive range of asset classes.

We challenge the consensus and provide actionable market strategies, helping our clients navigate their way through the global macro-environment in order to maximise their portfolio returns.

What We Offer


A truly comprehensive approach, with research covering global sector, regional, political, and quantitative strategy.  


Our business model is built around our clients being our partners. Our specialist sales team, makes sure that client needs for research are relevant and on a timely basis.  


Every quarter we ask over 200 CIOs, asset allocators, economists, and multi-asset strategists about the outlook for financial markets for the next 12 months.


Our Research


Absolute Strategy Research has the singular aim to provide clients with the highest quality macro-strategy research and research service available. 


ASR’s research coverage extends across Investment Strategy, Multi-Asset Strategy, and Economics. We also conduct quantitative analysis, technical strategy, and political research, and have developed a wide suite of proprietary data.

Absolute Strategy Research locations

Global Presence

Absolute Strategy Research offers  a global advisory platform for clients, with offices in London, Stamford and Milan, with a consulting relationship in Australia.

Our global teams collaborate to bring a comprehensive  offering, fresh thinking and excellent service.  

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