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Economics: Top 2022 charts: a halftime report

China’s zero-Covid policy and supply-side stress…

At the end of last year we selected 22 charts to track several major themes that could dictate how 2022 would pan out. Here we update the top-10 charts from that report, focusing on those where there has been a change in the dynamics.

… the impact on the business cycle and monetary conditions…

Supply-side disruptions continue to be a major theme, and China’s zero-Covid policy may keep them front-of-mind for a while longer. This has been a challenge for the business cycle and for monetary policymakers, our next two areas of focus.

… labour market tightness, peaking housing market, & EM stress

We’re starting to see signs of an impact from tighter monetary policy in labour markets and housing. While emerging market central banks must navigate a contraction in Chinese GDP and another surge higher in global food prices. 

Economics: Top 2022 charts: a halftime report
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