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ASR and Why Opec Matters in FT Unhedged

Beth McCann

1st JUL. 2021

Ian Harnett and an ASR chart feature in Robert Armstrong’s column ahead of today’s Opec meeting: ASR analyses oil price increases and US growth slowdowns.

Armstrong notes that on ASR’s model, oil takes a while to make a difference, and makes a difference for a while. 

The ASR chart shows an interesting relationship. (NB: the oil price scale is inverted). 

Ian Harnett observes: “I have always found that oil prices need to be elevated/rising for some time to then drive activity rates down further out . . . This suggests that any negative oil price effect is more likely to kick-in towards the end of 2022 on this simple model . . . however, as you can see the leads and lags look to vary over time [and] this did not work at all in 2016, for example, or 1996.


To read the full column, see HERE (FT subscription may be required)

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