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ASR Co-Founder
Ian Harnett on Bloomberg TV

Ketan Chauhan

26th NOV. 2020

ASR Co-Founder Ian Harnett discusses the firm's successful Equity Strategy Calls, and where markets need to go from here to sustain them.

ASR Co-Founder Ian Harnett discusses the success of ASR’s Equity Strategy Calls – Favouring Value vs. Growth and Europe vs. the US. Recent market moves have vindicated ASR being early advocates of such a rotation.  

Additionally, Ian emphasises that the underlying rationale for the moves is still in place, such as diverging pandemic situations between the two regions, as well as valuations and levels of earnings expectations.  

Finally, Ian looks across asset classes, to discuss the caution within Bond markets, and the path of travel required to sustain the strength of the Value rotation going forward.

Click HERE to watch.

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