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Summer Work Experience with ASR

Ella Rathgeber & Teia Currimbhoy

14th AUG. 2023

These last three weeks we have welcomed Teia Currimbhoy, studying a BA in History at the University of Oxford, to ASR on a short research project to investigate ‘The changing role and future of ASEAN (Alliance of South EastAsian Nations) in the ‘New Cold War’ between the United States and China’

Teia, born in London but raised in Singapore, contributed her life experiences, tenacity, and historical creativity to the project, delivering her presentation to ASR’s Research team. During her time at ASR, Teia gained valuable insight from reaching out to field experts including: Dr Jayant Menon, Senior Fellow at the Institute of South EastAsian Studies (ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute) in Singapore, and Professor David Shambaugh, Director of the China Policy Program at the Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University. These perspectives contributed greatly to her research, and she would like to extend her thanks to these individuals for their contributions.

Despite the short length of the project, Teia will take with her the new frames of thought for analysing quantitative information into her historical research at Oxford. Moreover, Teia’s research at ASR has plunged not only into history, but also the realms of political economy, international relations, and technology. The exercise of thinking in an interdisciplinary fashion expanded the scope of her exploration, which has been transformative for the growth of her worldview.

ASR’s warm encouragement of inquisitiveness, sharp global outlook, and wealth of expertise ensured that Teia’s short time with us was fulfilling, hands-on, and allowed her to experience and learn about each of the cogs in the complex machine that is the firm. Each member of the team met with her to share their wisdom, advice, and experience of the industry, ranging from insight about time management and work-life balance, to new ways to think about global issues.

“One of my favourite parts of working in the office was that I was fortunately seated right in the middle of the open floor plan, beside co-founder David Bowers, which enabled me to overhear and learn from the stimulating conversations flying across the desks. I am grateful for the opportunity to have connected with such diverse and unique perspectives, and for how included everyone at ASR made me feel.”

~ Teia Currimbhoy

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