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ASR in Bloomberg Opinion

Ella Rathgeber

2nd OCT. 2023

Bloomberg’s John Authers discusses the prospect of a US ‘shutdown’ in his recent Opinion’s piece, exploring the extent of which the worsening US financial conditions can be attributed to politicians.

John goes on to discuss how ‘economic expectations’ may also be a contributing factor:

“The latest quarterly edition of Absolute Strategy’s regular survey of global asset allocators shows that most respondents expect a global recession to start within the next 12 months” “but the point remains that this is not the fuel for a big rise in bond yields.”

“Like most of the rest of us, big global asset allocators aren’t sure they can explain what is going on. That would normally argue against big moves, such as we’ve just seen in the bond market, and if anything would create a bias toward risk aversion, which would imply buying bonds, not selling them.”

  • To read John Auther’s article in full from Bloomberg, please see: HERE (subscription may be required) 

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